RPL & RCC Process

Touch Football Australia introduced its online learning management system, THE NEST, in 2021 to manage all sport-specific accreditations.

In order to maintain your existing accreditation (if you completed a course prior to 2020), you will need to ensure that you complete the correct Recognition of Prior Learning / Recognition of Current Competencies (RPL/RCC) process for your accreditation.

The process is simple, and only needs to be completed for your current level of accreditation
i.e. if you are a Talent level coach, you only need to complete the Talent Coach RPL/RCC module in THE NEST.

Please Note: This process is managed by Touch Football Australia (TFA). Townsville Touch Football (TTF) is unable to provide support to complete this process.

If you have difficulties throughout the process, please contact Touch Football Australia's National Education & Policy Manager, James Sharp, via james.sharp@touchfootball.com.au.

Before You Start

Before you start the RPL/RCC process, make sure you have the following:

  1. Your old certificate, which was issued to you after the completion of your accreditation;
    1. If you completed a course in North Queensland between 2012 and 2020, NQ Touch may be able to send you a digital copy of your certificate.
  2. A signed copy of the TFA Code of Ethics declaration, available here.

Step 1 - Register or log into The NEST

Visit THE NEST via https://touchfootball.etrainu.com and either Register (if you don't already have a profile) or Log In (if you do).

How do I register (create a new profile)?

Step 2 - Enrol into the correct RPL/RCC module

Once you are logged in, go to the TRAINING LIBRARY section and find the appropriate RPL/RCC category for your accreditation,

  • Referees - look for the "TFA - RPL/RCC Referee Courses"
  • Coaches - look for the "TFA - RPL/RCC Coach Courses"

Click the "View Courses" button to locate your current accreditation level, then click "Enrol".

Note: If you have only completed the theory-based component of your accreditation (i.e. you have completed the classroom-based course but have not been assessed by a TFA Assessor), make sure you choose the "Theory Only" module.

You will be prompted to pay online, however there is no charge for the RPL/RCC process, so you will not be required to complete any payment details.

Step 3 - Open/start the module

Once you have enrolled into the correct module, click on the "Take Assessment" button to being the process.

Answer each of the following questions to the best of your ability:

  1. What date did you attend the course?
  2. Where was your course held?
  3. Who was your course presenter?
  4. What was your certificate number?

Step 4 - Upload your old certificate or Code of Ethics form

The last question in the "assessment" process will ask you to upload your old certificate, or the completed Code of Ethics declaration.

As a first preference, you should upload your old certificate.

If you don't have your certificate, and it cannot be located by contacting NQ Touch, upload a signed copy of the declaration and ensure that all previous questions are answered to the best of your ability.

Step 5 - Wait for it to be assessed

Touch Football Australia will receive your information once you have completed the online process, and will begin assessing your RPL/RCC application based on the information that you have provided.

If you have uploaded your old certificate and provided corresponding information in the questions, the process should only take a few business days.

If you were unable to provide valid or verifiable information, then this may delay the process and TFA may need to contact you in order to obtain further information about your accreditation.

If you have difficulties throughout the process, please contact Touch Football Australia's National Education & Policy Manager, James Sharp, via james.sharp@touchfootball.com.au.